Whether you want to discover how to relax, discover balance or just discover your toes, our holistic and relaxation classes will leave you supple, strong and serene. And breathe…

Unwind at the end of the day, start your day the tranquil way, or take some much deserved ‘me-time’ with our range of deeply relaxing group exercise classes.


Take time out to simply be yourself, concentrating on your posture while improving your breathing and flexibility. You’ll leave relaxed, energised and maybe even a little taller!

Stretch and relax

Whatever your level of fitness, enjoy developing and maintaining your flexibility before unwinding in the relaxation session at the end of the class.


Release stress, rebalance your body and bring it into correct postural alignment through slow, controlled movements and exercises that give you great strength and flexibility.


The best of yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi combine in this class to help to improve your posture, flexibility and strength whilst beautifully reducing stress