For a long, lean look, you can’t beat our muscle sculpting and toning classes. Tone your entire body under the expert guidance of our fitness coaches who’ll make each class enjoyable, fun and inspiring.

There’s nothing more motivating than results – and with these classes, whether you want to tone up, build muscle, or enjoy a sleeker silhouette, you’ll see visible changes quickly.

Body Conditioning

This varied class tones the whole body, and you’ll stay motivated with hand weights, resistance tubes and body bars all incorporated into workouts.


Build up your endurance levels with a weights workout to motivating music, where each song targets a different muscle group. This class will help you strengthen, tone and improve bone density.


Enjoy the motivation and benefits of group exercise in this ideal entry-level class. It is especially suited to people new to group exercise, returning to exercise, rehabilitating after an injury, and pre- and post-natal mothers.

Legs, Bums and Tums

Targeted exercises for excellent results – tone and firm those problem areas for a sleek silhouette!

Abs ‘n’ Back

Focusing on your abdominal and back muscles, this class is perfect for those wanting a trimmer tummy – let’s lose those love handles!


Give your whole body a conditioning workout – Kettlebells offer a powerful workout that engages multiple muscle groups at once, and builds strength and stability in your core.