Step 1: Your one-to-one

We believe that the first step in achieving great results is to work out what’s right for you, and what you enjoy best. That’s why Personalised fitness for life begins with an individual session with one of our friendly fitness coaches. By getting to know you, we can advise you on the best ways to achieve your fitness, weight-loss or relaxation goals. We’ll talk about your goals, lifestyle, health, eating habits and ideal exercise.

Step 2: Your Personalised Fitness Plan

With the information from your one-to-one, we’ll create a Personalised Fitness Plan especially for you – a plan specifically designed to make you happier and healthier. Your plan is broken down into manageable, realistic steps, to keep you motivated and on target. We’ll make sure it’s achievable and fits into your lifestyle. And because it will focus on exercise you enjoy doing, spending time at the club will be fun.

Step 3: Regular plan refreshers

As you progress, you’ll become fitter, stronger and healthier. You’ll achieve your original goals, and you’ll need to evolve your training programme. We’ll meet with you on an ongoing basis every four to six weeks to refresh your Personalised Fitness Plan. In your plan refresher, we’ll review your achievements, update your goals, make any adjustments to help keep you motivated, and make sure you’re exercising correctly and getting the most out of each session. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you’re enjoying your time at LivingWell.