8 top tips to tackle the winter blues!

Feel like you’re losing your mojo in the cold and dark winter months? It’s easy to dream about warmer days… but why not embrace the season, rediscover your love for all things winter, and feel better for it too?

Here are our 8 top tips to get you through…

1 – Get reading.

Read that book you’ve been meaning to get around to. Make the most of being warm and cosy indoors and treat yourself to some real quality me-time. Enjoy!

2 – Feel cosy!

Light some winter-scented candles and practise Scandinavian ‘Hygge’ – giving a feeling of cosiness, wellness and contentment. Perfect when you’re reading that book too!

3 – Make your own face mask.

Our skin can suffer from the harsher winter elements, so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a simple, nourishing facial. Ingredients like Oatmeal, yoghurt, honey and eggs all have different healing properties to brighten up your complexion.

Here are some great masks you can easily make at home.

4 – Plan your goals.

Book yourself a Personal Training session at your local LivingWell Health Club. Chat through what you want to achieve and our PTs will set you some new goals and a plan to personally suit you – all designed for you to smash it this winter!

Find your nearest club here.

5 – Completely unplug.

FOMO is so yesterday – instead embrace JOMO! In a world where we’re always connected, missing out can be a joyous experience – joy of missing out. And it may even benefit your health and wellbeing to occasionally disconnect from social media and other digital distractions to re-charge your own batteries.

Find out more here.

6 – Enjoy a winter walk.

Wrap up warm, plan a route through some stunning countryside or urban walk, grab the kids, friends, family, dogs, and get out in the fresh air. Enjoy the company and the exercise – plus burn some calories at the same time!

7 – Plan your summer vacation.

Imagine the sunshine on your shoulders as you choose your next summer break – putting a date in the diary gives you something to look forward to. Your LivingWell team can help with your fitness plans for your holiday too!

8 – Help someone in need.

Keep an eye on your neighbours and family and lend a hand with those chores that can be more difficult in the winter. Sweep those leaves up, clear that driveway of snow or help scrape that car – these small actions can really help someone, while you’re also getting fresh air and exercise at the same time!


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