Exercise Classes

Classes You'll Love

Most of our clubs offer a variety of classes which you are welcome to attend as part of your membership. Each club has their own class timetable which you can find here. Please contact your local club for availability.

Aqua Aerobics

Complete, low-impact cardio and muscle workout. Swimmers and non-swimmers welcome.


Come and make a splash with this fun, high-energy aerobics class in the pool.


A balanced class for mums-to-be with exercises and relaxation in the pool.

Water Circuits

A low impact but high energy body workout with fun circuits in the pool.


Energetic cardio class on static bikes with motivational music to keep you going.


Circuits class mixing boxing/kick boxing. Complete with gloves, pads and skipping ropes.


An amazing, varied conditioning workout for every level. In the gym or studio.

(Les Mills)

Get grooving at this fun-filled, upbeat dance class. Warning: can be addictive!


Despite being an extreme workout, this class is all about camaraderie and teamwork.

Body Combat
(Les Mills)

Strike, punch and kick to pumping music in this fierce martial arts-inspired cardio hit.

Tabata Blast

Our instructors will keep you smiling during this intense body weight interval training.


Like a challenge? Test yourself with these gruelling but great timed and scored circuits.

Outdoor HIIT

(High Intensity Interval Training) Go 100% for a short burst, recover, and repeat! Keeps heart rates up and burns fat fast.

Kids Circuits

Bring the family to these cool cardio and strength circuits for kids and grown-ups.


Confidence-building swimming lessons for babies, toddlers and kids (Charges may apply).

Mum & Baby

Jump in and enjoy helping your baby learn to swim alongside a friendly teacher.

CX Works
(Les Mills)

Come tighten and tone your mid-section during an intense 30-minute core workout.

Legs, Bums and Tums

A class to help everyone tone and strengthen these key areas, whatever your level.


Pick up a barbell and follow our friendly instructors through this strength training class.

Body Pump
(Les Mills)

Come and challenge all major muscles in this ever-popular weights class.

Strength and Conditioning

Push your fitness up with this perfect mix of weights, resistance and cardio.


Grab a weighted kettlebell and join this dynamic strength-training class for all levels.

Stretch and Meditation

Time to relax and care for your body with mediation, body movements and stretches.

Body Balance
(Les Mills)

A smooth blend of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates for flexibility, strength and inner calm.


Learn amazing body balance via core strength work and graceful movements.


A much-loved class of challenging physical postures, deep breathing and mindfulness.