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Feel the Benefits of Myzone

Our members can benefit from Myzone heart rate trackers for an exciting, purposeful way to exercise.

Myzone is the ultimate fitness technology that ensures you’re on the right track to getting healthier and fitter. Proven to keeping you motivated, establishing routine and driving healthy habit, it will allow you to earn points, gain status rankings and compete with friends.

Get results you can trust with 99.4% EKG accuracy.

View your effort in real time on your smartphones or on club TV.

Connect to 3rd party equipment and other wearable devices for maximum versatility.

Myzone Belt Fitness Tracker

The Myzone belt is the most versatile fitness tracker on the market. Unlike other fitness trackers, the MYZONE belt focuses on heart rate, not steps, calories or new fangled fitness fads. You’ll receive accurate BPM readings during your workouts to measure what matters.

Myzone’s new MZ-Switch is packed with innovative features, allowing you to track your workout, however you choose to move. The MZ-Switch is perfect for use in water, meaning you can boost your motivation, and rack up those MEPs while you swim, as well as on the gym floor and outdoors. Switch between the chest belt, wrist strap and arm band, depending on your choice of workout.

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