Workout how to improve working from home

The past year or so has been difficult for everyone, and we’ve all had to adjust to new ways of living and working. Whilst some businesses are looking forward to opening their doors once more in the not too distant future, for many of us, working from home may well be in place for longer, and for some will become the ‘new normal’.

There are benefits to working from home which some of us can enjoy – no more commuting, more quality time with family – but there are other less positive effects too. Feelings of stress, boredom, anxiety and uncertainty have become commonplace as many of us are worried about our futures, job prospects or home schooling for example.

To help you feel more productive whilst working from home, and to help take care of your mental health, we’ve put together some simple tips that you can practise at home to ‘Workout how to improve working from home’

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