Socialising, getting fit and having fun are what LivingWell is all about. Group exercise classes offer the perfect balance of all three – just choose the classes that suit you best!*

We’re constantly refining our group exercise programme to ensure we bring you the latest trends and the classes our members love most. At many clubs, the following class types are available, with a range of options in each category – so whether you enjoy a gentle stretch or would rather have a good boogie, you’ll find the perfect class.

High energy fitness

If you love a good workout, high energy fitness is for you. Many of our clubs offer a range of exciting classes such as Zumba and Bootcamp, with expert fitness coaches and uplifting music to keep you motivated. Be a part of the action! Our wide…

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Muscle sculpting and toning

For a long, lean look, you can’t beat our muscle sculpting and toning classes. Tone your entire body under the expert guidance of our fitness coaches who’ll make each class enjoyable, fun and inspiring.

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Holistic and relaxation

Whether you want to discover how to relax, discover balance or just discover your toes, our holistic and relaxation classes will leave you supple, strong and serene. And breathe… Unwind at the end of the day, start your day the tranquil way

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Hints, tips and class etiquette

We want to make sure everyone has fun with group exercise – follow these simple guidelines to get the most out of your class. Wear good, supportive aerobic or cross-training shoes, comfortable workout gear, and bring a sweat towel with you

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