The main core activities for Referral Mailshots are Refer a Friend, Reward & Recognise and Top Attenders


The objectives of the Referral Mailshots are to gain new members and to retain current members by recognising achievements and personal anniversaries



Call or write to members on their Birthday (as part of their Birthday Letter) and allow them to bring friends with them to the Health Club & Spa. on their special day. Happy Birthday!
Dear <FIRST_NAME> It’s your birthday time again; It’s true, there’s no denying, Another year has come and gone; You know that I’m not lying. So for you, the birthday person. Here’s what we want to say: We hope this birthday’s the best one yet, In every single way. So happy birthday to you. Have lots of fun and play! May all your birthday wishes come true. As a birthday gift from the team here at <Health Club & SpaINFO.Health Club & Spa_name> we have credited Five one day guest passes to your membership worth £50 so that you can bring five friends or family members to the Health Club & Spa. on your special day. Just let us know who you are bringing before you arrive. Many Happy Returns of the day. Kind regards <Health Club & SpaINFO.ATTENTION> Health Club & Spa. Manager


Send a letter /postcard to members that have been referring the most members. Use referring reports. Give them guest passes


Refer a Friend & Receive (Enter Your Offer). Letter /postcard sent to member households and followed up with a call.


Get all Team Member involved and launch the internal incentive. All Team Members participate. Regular reviews and league table recommended.


Refer to the current campaign toolkit for Refer a Friend Facebook assets


Referral campaign print pdf’s and Facebook assets available here